Thursday, April 12, 2007

M&A Hotbed

If you're looking for a hotbed of telecom operator M&A action, look no further than the Disunited States of Europe, where there seems to be a price tag hanging off just about every carrier.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BT's new network heralds engineer job carnage | The Register

ADSL2+ is being rolled out at 21CN exchanges, which should offer speeds of 24mbps. Reynolds said the trial, conducted in a couple of hundred homes in south Wales, had reported no faults and would generate £1bn in annual cost savings once turned on elsewhere. 21CN will use internet protocol for all voice traffic too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Battle for Broadband TV

TelecomView Study Finds that TelcoTV Will Hold Its Own Against Internet TV
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 11, 2007– Internet TV has come storming onto the scene raising the question of how TelcoTV and other traditional TV services are going to survive. TelecomView’s new report The Battle for Broadband TV: TelcoTV vs. Internet TV analyzes the impact of Internet TV on TelcoTV in particular.
“We forecast that people will spend about as much time watching TelcoTV as they do Internet TV in 2011,” stated Ian Cox, Principal Analyst at TelecomView. “In addition, our forecasts show that on line and on demand services will account for nearly all of the growth in film revenues over the next five years.”
The report includes an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of TelcoTV and Internet TV and discusses how TelcoTV operators can take advantage of the creativity of Internet TV. It discusses the business case for TelcoTV services and gives forecasts for the amount of time people will watch TelcoTV and Internet TV services. It also forecasts revenues for films that include theatrical releases, DVD rentals and sales, video on demand, and Internet download and streaming services. All of these forecasts are global and by region.
“The TelcoTV operators have a strong position in this market,” stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and author of the report. “The increasing popularity of HDTV and the need to support multiple TVs in the home give TelcoTV an advantage serving the TV that Internet TV will not be able to match over the next five years.”
This 80 page report addresses these issues and provides the information and analysis that TelcoTV providers, Internet TV operators, and system suppliers need to succeed in this market.
This report is available from TelecomView for $3,495. For more information about it contact TelecomView at +1 415 241 9920 or +44 1626 834 224. More information is available at or

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Telecom Carriers Will Spend Billions to Try to Survive the IP Revolution says Gartner

Telecom Carriers Will Spend Billions to Try to Survive the IP Revolution says Gartner

And the answer is...

Nokia-Siemens Warns Of Network Spending Slowdown |

Nokia-Siemens Warns Of Network Spending Slowdown | April 2, 2007 | Telecommunications Magazine

So maybe that's why they merged? And why Alcatel and Lucent did too. And why Marconi went tits up? Let's look at carrier profits to see why...

Broadband kills off consumer ISDN

BBC NEWS | Technology | Broadband kills off consumer ISDN

"It's reasonable to expect that in a few years time the telecoms firms will be able to provide short-term, high-quality, bi-directional IP circuits," said Mr Davis. "They certainly cannot do it now."